Citizens Assemblies in Australia

I am from Australia and are there a CA in here and if no why not? How do you go about creating awareness of CA in a country such as Australia where the right wing media owned by Rupert Murdoch run the country through puppets such as our current PM?

Hello! This is a great article on a proposed climate CA in Australia and what happened.

Australia has had some really good citizens’ assemblies in the past, you can check for those on that same website.

Currently Extinction Rebellion are campaigning for a national citizens’ assembly to address the climate crisis, you can check what they are up to and how they are campaigning there, I’m not aware of the details.

Also follow the work of who many assemblies. I believe in Australia they call them “Citizens’ Juries”

Hi. I’m with a group called Coalition of Everyone. If you’re in Melbourne, we’re having a discussion at Trades Hall tonight, Democracy is not a spectator sport (you can book through our website,, and we’ve got Mock CAs next week and the week after. It’d be great to get in touch, if you want to help build capacity in your area :D.

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