Funding sources and implications for CA objectives

Dundee XR are liaising with the local council who have agreed to acknowledging the Climate Crisis and to setting up CA. We are due to meet shortly and I am wondering if anyone has advice/experience/ideas on how to fund CAs given all councils are skint?

Also there must be a bit of chicken /egg re funding regarding the scale and duration of CA, which has implications for type of question to be resolved.

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Hi Jamie
XR National Citizens’Assembly Working Group are going all out for a national citizens’ assembly to address the climate and ecological emergency but are not suggesting that it is the way forward for cash strapped councils.

Sending various links and attachments.

XR’s Position on Local/Regional Citizens’ Assemblies - do click on underlined words to get further links and information.

Have attached framing the question and XR’s Guide to citizens’ assemblies for your information, so you can see what it entails in order to be meaningful.They take place over an extended period of time, are expensive to run and are by no means the only way to get deliberation into the community conversation . Whilst XR is calling for a National Citizens’ Assembly they are not necessarily recommended by XRCitizens’ Assembly Working Group at the local level.

Another way forward is you could suggest that Dundee Council get hold of an action plan, I am attaching one drawn up by ‘Climate Emergency Camden’ (an alliance of local environmental groups and individuals,) consider it, amend as necessary and then hold a Climate Assembly (but not called a citizens’ assembly!) or forum for local people to deliberate upon.

Four of the people involved in drawing up the Action plan, were asked by Camden to present at their “CA”. (That’s how independent it was!) The thing is, Dundee doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel they can adapt what is out there for their context. I am sure there are other action plans around. The end result of Camden’ s process was very disappointing, not the bold recommendations one would have hoped for.

As one of the presenters wrote to me:-

“One of the problems with Camden’s shortened process was that even at the third session (when the recommendations were agreed) many of the participants were still not clear about lots of the relevant issues (which they freely admitted). This is bound to have affected the recommendations. I sense that if people had been given more time they would have built confidence and understanding and might well have come up with more radical, innovative ideas.”

Hope all goes well for you and your council takes action rather than spending too much talking about it. They could begin by checking their pension schemes etc and divesting from fossil fuels right now, no deliberation needed, just the will to do something.

Do get in touch if I can be of any help.

Love and rage

Many thanks Kathie -will look into Climate Assembly and Dundee’s Action Plan (which they have).

Hi Kathie, good answer. Could you send to me too the links and attachments you mentioned in the text, thanks.

Whoops, sorry Joe, I haven’t been monitoring this site so I missed your request. If you would still like me to forward these files please email me at

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@Joe This might also be a good site (just launched!) to explore for variants. There is also a discussion platform linked to it.

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