Global Citizens Assembly

I have been interested in Citizen Assemblies as more of an evolution of democracy and of the nation state. I see the United Nations as a dysfunctional organization that will be unable to respond serious events such as global warming etc that at some point will be threatening mankind as a whole.
My vision of a global citizen Assembly is similar to the ideas of Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, and John Maynard Keynes.

We need a global organization that is liberal democratic in nature and represents the vast majority of people on this planet. Global warming, Nuclear Arms are not issues that will be solved by national governments, because national governments come in various flavours. Some are partially democratic, but primarily oligarchs, some are authoritarian dictatorships, and some are mafia states. In this environment a consensus with regards to the well being, safety and security of the planet will be an impossibility.
The main problems are political and economic in nature.

The vision I see is a global citizen Assembly elected at three levels of government ie local, provincial and nation levels. The global citizen Assembly would compete against traditional political parties at all levels of government, and from various nations, to represent the citizenry, that values freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and the rule of law.
The global citizen Assembly would represent these citizens on a global scale. They would form government.
And eventually create a global citizen Assembly that would be in the same stature as the United Nations except the membership would only be available to liberal democratic nations that are based on the rule of law.


I agree with all of your positions except where you make the proviso “the membership would only be available to liberal democratic nations that are based on the rule of law.” Vast swathes of humanity live under authoritarian regimes and most, I would argue would like to be free of them if they could. I see the best way of liberating people peacefully from autocratic regimes is to enable all World Citizens to cooperate democratically at the global sphere. Also, many nations under autocratic regimes have ended up going down this path as a backlash against economic and political interference from the west - bombing, war for oil, forcing them to buy our opium etc.

I posted this message below on the Welsh Rebel Rising festival facebook wall with an interest to discussing this theme at a workshop.

“Is there any debate or workshop organised on the subject of looking at the “power of subsidiary”, how local, regional, national, continental and global democratically driven policy solutions to the systemic root-causes of climate catastrophe and mass extinction could be implemented?
Ambitious policies requiring high levels of local to global cooperation include: Global Renewable Energy Grid – A Global Precautionary Principle – Global Ecocide Law ratification - Global Carbon Rationing – Contraction and Convergence.

As well as at the national sphere through XR groups, how can we enact Principle 7 “We Actively Mitigate for Power” at the global sphere to take on and democratise the global power held over and dividing national governments driving the planetary race to destruction? How can we link XR globally behind cooperative solutions? How can we unite the fights with all global justice organisations to realise that no issue is caused in isolation?

If not, I’d like to hold one.”

I’m a nascent member of Cardiff XR and part of the All Wales Influencing Welsh Government group and Low Carbon Cymru group meeting with councillors and AMs on the 19th September.

I’m interested in exploring how sortition might work at the global scale alongside emerging decentralised democratic platforms.

To drive local to global democratic change I have proposed on the Cardiff XR group the following strategy to work alongside NVDA - Compel local and national politicians to take bold action to implement XR’s 3 demands within a given time by informing them that millions of XR voters will be giving an informed, strong voting priority for candidates who are undertaking those actions. This carrot and stick strategy will have significant electoral impact in marginal constituencies, potentially enough to swing a national election in favour of parties supportive of XR’s demands.

Finally, I also think that the question we put to CAs should be more in depth along the lines of:

  1.   What are the systemic root-causes of climate breakdown and mass extinction?
  2.   What are the barriers to tackling them in full? 
  3.   What systemic broad spectrum of social, economic and technological policies need to be implemented to both mitigate and adapt to these problems which are both fair and equitable for the whole of humanity?