Has anyone tried democracy.earth in practice?

Check it out: https://democracy.earth/

I haven’t tried it yet, seems like the right tool for the job…

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Yes. I think it would be best used for deciding global policy, perhaps alongside global sortition (which I am just learning the potential of) helping to humanity to think globally and systemically about root-causes of issues. Global challenges such as climate catastrophe and mass extinction etc have the potential to bring humanity together to tackle them. World Citizenship alongside a peer-to-peer, decentralised liquid democratic process could achieve that. See: https://globalpeoplepower.org/
I like the idea of enabling the whole of humanity to be able to take democratic responsibility alongside national and local sortition.

We’ve proposed 4 global policies - The Precautionary Principle, A Global Renewable Energy Grid, The Law Against Ecocide and a Global Refugee Plan. As Democracy Earth’s platform is still in development, they’l need re-proposing.

“Still in development”

99,9% of all software ever created is still in development, very rarely there is a final version, and even if you call it “final” there are often critical security bugfixes.

Link to Github: https://github.com/DemocracyEarth/sovereign

Four global policies? Nice…

I’m for adding “fake news” alongside nukes, chemical weapons and personnel landmines. These tools of war are prohibited by various United Nation conventions.

About the energy grid, check Desertec and Medgrid.

See also:

Loads of other actionable polices. I’m just not the big fan of sortition, citizens’ assembly.

We have a much better technology ready to be deployed right now!

So just wondering has anyone tried Liquid Democracy in practice?

See a list of Potential Global Policy which could be included in a World Citizens Global Policy Manifesto. This process could help unite the global justice movement and win elections for candidates and parties that sign a contract to implement it (alongside XRs 3 demands) cooperatively alongside other governments thus overcoming the global rise of the far-right. https://globalpeoplepower.org/many-minds/potential-global-policies/
Propose away!

You sound very certain Mars. I will check out your list in more detail asap. There are policies there I wasn’t aware of.

The potential global policy list I linked to covers key issues of the wide and varied global justice movement, all of whom we need to unite globally. All the issues contribute to the causes of the issues at hand. For example, the way money is created as debt by privately owned banks is what drives the need for GDP growth. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2016/nov/05/how-a-new-money-system-could-help-stop-climate-change

I’m preparing for a talk at the Welsh Rebel Rising Festival this weekend. Titled: ‘Vote Rebelliously and Globally: For XR’s 3 Demands and Systemic Change’
Looking at: Policy solutions to the systemic root causes of climate catastrophe and mass extinction; how solutions can happen; and enacting principle 7 in the global sphere.

So many policies.

Not specific enough.

I tried to simplify: https://genesis.re/top10

It heavily relies on the previous doc, in a slightly different form. Less introduction, just TOP 10.

About Liquid Democracy… I still believe technology can scale, we can use technology, need to try in practice.