Who oversees Citizens' Assemblies?

According to the basic standards for Citizens’ Assemblies developed by Marcin Gerwin, CAs should be independently run by impartial coordinators. So the organisation commissioning the CA doesn’t influence the outcome (or isn’t seen to influence it).

Does anyone have any info about how this has worked in practice, i.e. how the teams of coordinators for previously held CAs have been put together?

Typically an external organisation is commissioned to develop the design and facilitate the process. We quite often take on this role at Involve (check out involve.org.uk). Alongside this, we recommend establishing an external advisory group to oversee the process and ensure balance and impartiality.

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Thanks Tim for your answer. It may be of prime importance to establish an external advisory group to oversee the process and ensure balance and impartiality. In particular if the organization commissioned to the CA is unknown. Maybe we should have a description of how the advisory group members are selected, by whom, their tasks, and how they work in total transparency. This would be very important to have before the UK CA on climate, I guess. Any Ideas?

For the XR national CA we’re looking at how those bodies are defined now. At some stage there will be a randomly selected group of the public who also help oversee the process (and the ongoing implementation).

@keithgarrett that will be just amazing. We could even think about giving facilitation training to this randomly selected group of people so they can closely oversee the process.
Transparency is very important. I think you have already taken into consideration the possibility of registering/filming/recording the whole process and make it public. Maybe live web-stream. I think there may be a lot of debate or criticisms about that but I think it is important to at least try.
There were flaws in the selection of CA members in the Irish CA. We do need an external body overseen the activities of selection, I guess.
Also, as I have mentioned within XR that it is necessary that the chosen experts are tackling the problems causing Climate crisis and not focusing only on mitigation. There should maybe be a pool of civil society organizations to provide advice in the selection of experts but also be experts themselves such as Zero Carbon Britain, Centre for Alternative Technology, friends of the earth, Green Peace, etc.
Maybe you probably have already gone through all this subjects, so I apologize for repeating it here. I really hope that the national CA will work amazingly and I am very keen to help as much as I can.
Knowing that we have little time and that solutions will certainly affect society, economy and industry functioning in a great scale, it is of prime importance to hold a close look into the CA processes as corporate and political vested interests have all the reasons to influence its results.
It would be great, if possible, to have some more information on the XR national CA preparations. I am also on Mattermost and basecamp CA group as @joexr

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