Who started this discourse?

Hi, I found out about this discourse on the XR International Mattermost, from a guy who is trying to find out more about CAs. He said it was pretty dead, and assumed that it was an official XR UK site.

I just wanted to know whether it is official, which working group or circle sanctioned it, etc., or whether it is a personal effort by someone.

If it has just started, and just needs more members, perhaps I can help publicise it?

Hi, XR Citizens’ Assembly working group started this area with the aim of getting those people who have questions about CAs or who are looking at running CAs to chat together and with experts in the field. Yes, we have just started it (-:

A few from the XR CA are on here. Along with some people from the Sortition Foundation. It will grow in time!

Be great if you can publicise it! Open to all.

Thanks, Keith.

Thanks, @keithgarrett. I will copy your reply on to the international Mattermost.

However, as you have just got started, can I suggest that a better way to proceed would be to join the international Discourse, and start a public forum there, along with a Mattermost public channel for chat and to draw people in.

It is run on a secure server, run on renewable energy, in Iceland or Switzerland (not sure which, offhand), both of which have good data protection laws.

It will save you the cost (financial and time) of running your own server.

It will open the discussion up internationally.



You may want to consider joining in with the existing international discussions on Citizen’s Assemblies at:

Global Mattermost
International Discourse

We had a discussion about this last night and we want this resource to not be just part of XR so that whatever happens with XR we are still talking about Citizens’ Assemblies and experts that don’t want to be overly associated with XR can take part. Hope that makes sense!

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OK. Just FYI, there is a new category on base.organise.earth dedicated to Citizen’s Assemblies

You do have to be a member of base.organise.earth to join in, of course.

I will “advertise” your Discourse on there, in the hope that some people might join you.

Thank you for this. Would like to see more on this platform.
May I suggest a change of colour scheme. I find it difficult to see the text on deep pink?
Esp. on the sign on page. Thanks.

Hello Nikkilocke, I am from XR Berlin, I tried to get to your link internation discourse at base.organise.earth but I need codes to get in. Do you know how I can get access to it?

Hi, Joe. Are you on the Mattermost at organise.earth? Best to ask in there.

Hello! yes, absolutely, these colours are a bit shockingly difficult to see. I’m going to change. Thanks for letting us know!