Work together or die together. Unite behind global policy

I’ve just seen this excellent film by Roger Hallam “If we don’t work together we are going to die together.”

Here’s how I think we could unite the fight alongside a broad spectrum of global justice campaigns.

Popular figures of global justice campaigns are encouraged to propose their most bold global justice policies on a decentralised democratic platform ( Proposals voted forward by signed-up World Citizens would begin to formulate into a World Citizens’ Global Policy Manifesto.

Progressive politicians and political parties joining our movement sign-up to implement the manifesto alongside other governments. This in turn would win elections for them over politicians who are causing the problems in the first place.

This idea could commence immediately with little effort and could run alongside global Sortition in order to help inform it, to encourage World Citizenship and a recognition of our common humanity in the face with a perfect storm of global challenges.

Here’s a film it which I am about to list publically. Step into your global boots of power:

I don’t mind what the initiative is called. I just want to tackle the issues.

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